Our Instructors

Certified Instructor

Tia Moore has been a public high school teacher in the state of Virginia for the past 14 years. She has over 6 years experience teaching the Virginia State Behind-the-Wheel program.

Chief Instructor

Kevin Gahart has trained over 800 high school students from the Alexandria area. He’s a lifelong resident of Alexandria and father of three children, all of whom attended West Potomac High School.

Certified Instructor

Sonia Mancia has over 28 years experience in training young drivers in our area. Sonia is from El Salvador and loves going back there to enjoy some of the nicest beaches in the world.

Of Safe Drivers Graduated
Over 50,000
Hours of Safe, Behind the Wheel Instruction
Area High Schools Served

About Us

Kevin Gahart is the owner and Chief Instructor for Old Town Driving School.

Kevin founded Old Town Driving School after his own three children completed behind-the-wheel instruction when they were learning to drive. Dissatisfied with the quality of instruction they received, from both private and public driving schools, Kevin felt there was more emphasis on issuing licenses and less on ensuring the student was ready to drive. These safety concerns combined with rigid scheduling and inconvenient locations, led Kevin to realize there was a need for a driving school that offered professional, conscientious, and flexible driving instruction. Since opening Old Town Driving School in 2013 over 1000 families have relied on him to teach their students. 

Old Town Driving School will never hire an instructor just to fill the need. We strive to find the best, most qualified instructors to take good care of our students.

It’s not easy to find these special people as they require a combination of many talents and skills. They need to be able relate to teenagers, have a calm temperament, be professional yet entertaining, and of course know how to teach to each individual on their level.