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Mortgages for Self Employed Less Than 1 Year

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Are you self-employed and looking to borrow a mortgage?

Buckingham Financial Group is here to help.

For more information on applying for a mortgage while self-employed for less than 1 year click here.

Who We Are

Buckingham Mortgage, LLC has been a family owned business serving our community since 1994.

Over the years we have continued to embrace the core principles which we were founded on by providing excellent mortgage services to our clients.

Our No Income Programs

At Buckingham Financial Group we offer three different mortgage programs for those who are infested in a mortgage while self-employed for less than one year.

Primary Residence Purchase or Cash-Out

This program is ideal for those who are self-employed with no additional income.

  • Does not require W2, pay stubs or tax returns
  • Requires 12 months of bank statements (personal or business)
  • Loan amount is based on the average deposits over 12 months
  • Accepts credit scores as low as 620, LTV up to 80% and loan amount offered up to $3million.

Investment Property Purchase or Cash-out

This program is ideal for those who are self employed with no additional income.

  • Does not require any income documentation.
  • Income is calculated through the rental lease and Debt Coverage Ratio.
  • Maximum loan amount is $3 million and unlimited cash out is up to $2 million.

Stated Income

This program is ideal for self employed borrowers whose tax returns do not accurately represent their full income amount.

  • Does not require pay stubs, W2 or tax return
  • Requires latest one month bank statement
  • Requires credit score minimum of 700 (no negatives)
  • Income must be stated on your application and supported through bank statements.
  • Loan amount is up to $3 million and LTV goes to 70% for purchase and 65% for refinancing or cash out.

Where to Apply for a Mortgage While Self Employed for Less than 1 Year

When identifying the best company to handle your mortgage needs while self employed for less than one year do not hesitate to contact Buckingham Financial Group.

Our staff of mortgage professionals are here to help you identify the best mortgage plans for your individual needs.

Call us today at (855)548-0101 or apply online.

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